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22 Downside Road

Tel: 01483 205 400

The Forge, Lucks Green, Mead Road, Cranleigh, Surrey, GU6 7BG, England
 Our home 1973-2002 - the flood prone Forge in Cranleigh

Specialised broadcast equipment research, design and manufacture since 1967

Current items from stock are in yellow. LeafletF = front, LeafletR = rear.
Repair and servicing is available for all products.
Graded demonstration units are sometimes available.
Scanned archive documents including specifications, owners manuals, service manuals, schematics and pc board layouts are linked.
Other archive specifications and service manuals (with description, board layouts and circuits) can be unearthed, scanned and emailed, or photocopied and posted, @ £16.

- Stereo Disc Amplifier 1, 2,  4 &   5.  The very best possible noise and distortion performance from vinyl. £646 Disc5F, Disc5R
- 10 Outlet Distribution Amplifier 1, 2, 3 & 4. £604 10DA4F, 10DA4R
- Stereo Microphone Amplifiers Stereo Microphone Amplifier F, Stereo Microphone Amplifier R
- Frequency Shifter for Howl Reduction Box
- Stabilizer Box, Rack, Rack Stereo, 2, 3, 4 & 5. Box unbalanced £380; Box Balanced XLR £480; Rack £680, demo £340; Rack Stereo £860 StabilizerF, StabilizerR
- 5Hz Fixed Shift Circuit Board 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.  Howl reduction and cutting feedback in public address. £284 StabilizerF, StabilizerR
- Spectrum Shifter SpectrumShifterF, SpectrumShifterR
- Stereo Variable Emphasis Limiter 2 & 3. £1550 SVEL3F, SVEL3R
- Broadcast Monitor Receiver 1 - modified Yaesu FRG-7700
- Broadcast Monitor Receiver 2 - modified Yaesu FRG-8800.  Exceptionally low distortion in a quality monitoring AM receiver. £1529 Receiver2F, Receiver2R
- FRG8800 Rack Mounting Assembly £126
- PPM0
- PPM2 (BBC ME12/9)
- PPM3 PPM3,7,8 p1, PPM3,7,8 p2, PPM3,7,8 p3, PPM3,7,8 p4
- PPM5 20pin DIL hybrid.   9-35V supply at just 7mA and the most accurate and stable PPM driver ever. £49 PPM5F, PPM5R
- Mother Boards 1 (unbalanced), 2 (balanced) & 3 (balanced plus flasher) for PPM5. MB1 £13; MB2 £21; MB3 £34 PPM5 App1, PPM5 App2
- PPM6
- PPM7 (BBC ME12/9) PPM3,7,8 p1, PPM3,7,8 p2, PPM3,7,8 p3, PPM3,7,8 p4
- PPM8 IEC Type I & DIN -50/+6dB, PPM8N Nordic -36/+9dB. £131 PPM3,7,8 p1, PPM3,7,8 p2, PPM3,7,8 p3, PPM3,7,8 p4
- PPM9 microprocessor stereo (BBC AM20/5). £360 PPM9F, PPM9R
- PPM10 In-Vision PPM RGB or Genlock.  The best simulation on screen of mechanical PPM pointer dynamics. PPM10F, PPM10R
- Sum and Difference Circuit Boards for PPMs. £48
- Power Supply Boards
- Ernest Turner PPM Movements 640, 642, 643 and TWIN. (Some Ernest Turner spare parts available)
- Sifam PPM Movements 22, 32, 74A DUAL TWIN White/Yellow or 74B DUAL TWIN Red/Green. £169
- Stereo TWIN Meter Box.  Includes the precision PPM9 microprocessor stereo drive board (BBC AM20/5). £788 PPM9F, PPM9R
- Peak Deviation Meter
- Peak Programme And Deviation Chart Recorders
- Advanced Active Aerial. £889 AerialF, AerialR
- Broadcast Stereo Coders MPX1, 2, 3 & 4 MPX4F, MPX4R
- AM Synchronous Detector; the original September 1989 Electronics & Wireless World article by Trevor Brook Sync1, Sync2, Sync3, Sync4, Sync5, Sync6
- AM Synchronous Demodulator article, corrected, Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 and as an uncorrected word searchable OCR PDF by I2PHD
- AM Synchronous Detector, Printed circuit board 135x115mm artwork positive, Printed circuit board drilling diagram
- Dominus Stereo Disc Amplifier 3
- Dominus Moving Coil Preamplifier

- Technical report, 28 February 2014, analysis with photographs: TOYOTA AVENSIS ELECTRONIC PARKING BRAKE SYSTEM (EPB) FAILURES.

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